Dream, save and live more

We transform the way people live, by enabling them to create their dreams & save for you to live better & fuller.

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How does it work?

Create more of your dreams & save for them. We want to empower people's lives by realising more of their dreams. Let's start living yours now.

Step 1

Olivia creates her dream of a San Francisco trip in 6 months, and a monthly entertainment spend on the MarketsFlow app.

Step 2

Olivia connects her cards with the app, which uses smart algorithms to save every month to fulfil her goals.

Step 3

Olivia realises her dreams as soon as her savings goals are achieved automatically.


Standard Plus
Create multiple savings buckets Maximum 2 Unlimited
Create multiple round-ups settings Maximum 1 Unlimited
Invest savings in Portfolios No Yes
Earn interest on Savings No Yes
Upload notes and photos to your dream savings No Yes
FSCS protection for upto £85K on deposits Yes Yes
Free £1/month